Jul 14, 2011

How to make your own tutu!

 1. Find something to work around. I used this tall vase. 
 2. Cut the elastic and tie a knot to the size you want the tutu to be.  This is what the professionals suggest...
0-3 months 14"waist 6" length
3-6 months 15” waist 6" length
6-12 months 16" waist 7" length
12-24 months 17" waist 7" length
2T 18" waist 8" length
3T 19" waist 9" length
4T 20" waist 10" length
They suggest 16" waist for a 12 month old...that was WAY too big for Bailey and she is average.  So I just tied a knot to start that was 16" and then cut the knot out when I had tied a whole spool of tulle around it. I saw it was going to be too big then I just put it on her and made it a custom size & tied a knot again :)
 3.  Then you need to figure out how long you want the tutu.  I made Bailey's about 5 1/2" long.  So I cut each piece of tulle to about 12 inches (the tulle fabric comes in a spool just like ribbon does).  I was NOT exact and it doesn't really matter b/c it will end up being so fluffy you won't be able to tell if one is a little shorter or longer :)  I ended up using a little over a spool of tulle.
 4. You fold the tulle over the elastic until each end matches up together. 
 5. You tie one knot.
 6. You tie a 2nd knot.  Then you do this process about a million times all the way around the elastic ;)  It may take you about 2 hrs...so make sure you have a good show on t.v!
And voila...you made your own tutu!!  SOOOO easy!  And a BIG thanks to Jessi for teaching me how to do this and MANY other Susie homemaker projects!!

List of Materials you need:
1. Elastic (I used a thinner one, but you can use any size!)
2. A fabric bolt of tulle-I ended up using a little over 1, so I would buy 2 to be safe. (you can either buy it at Michael's, Joanne's Fabric, or online) HINT: You can buy tulle at other places, but it doesnt come in a bolt.  You would have to cut it not only length (like I did), but you would ALSO have to cut it width too b/c it is much wider.
3. Something to work around to make it MUCH easier!

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